A smaller village, but a busy and active one. Conveniently along one of the safer roads, it is a regular stopover point for many companies of Kingsmen. There are some in town who believe that the frequent visits are one of the few reasons that the town continues to exist, as the town produces few goods besides food that might be traded for the necessities of life that other towns produce. Additionally, firewood is scarce come by in Traelinn – during periods of light or no Shroud, the villagers undertake the hazardous task of collecting peat from a nearby bog, storing it up for future times of hardship. Though not often troubled by bandits, Traelinn sees more than its fair share of strange beasts and events, coincidentally enough making it a magnet for those tale-spinners and troubadours that collect such sagas.

Notable Persons

Part of the tolerant atmosphere of Traelinn can be directly attributed to the efforts of the village head – or rather, those of his wife. Whereas Collen Matheson is an affable, underconfident, and rather paunchy human in his early fifties who inherited the title of village head from his strong-willed father, Irien Voldasti Matheson is an Elfess with an iron constitution and a razor wit. A former Kingswoman and an acquaintance of Iscalion’s in the days before he led his own troupe, she has left her days of dance and acrobatics behind, instead developing a reputation as an utterly shrewd negotiator and manager. Though not precisely well-liked by the villagers as a whole, Irien has over the course of the last decade earned their grudging respect, and continues to exercise her not inconsiderable charm to try and win them over.

Collen and Irien have a young son of eight years of age, Darryl.


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