The Wild

Most of the Shrouded Lands no longer have even a thin veneer of civilization, and are instead truly trackless and wild. The hills and forests are bad enough, but the marshes are the worst.

The Hills

The hills in the Shrouded lands are glacial, carved by the retreat of the ice tens of thousands of years ago. Thus, they are rocky and bare, often covered in brush or tall grass but rarely with trees. The cold winters make the hills inhospitable to all but the most rugged of bushes and grasses – heather and spearthistle are very common. In wetter area, bracken ferns coat the lower reaches of the hills.

The Forests

The Shrouded Lands have a very wide variety of forest flora. In the north and east, evergreens dominate, especially Northern Pine and Yew. The elves in particular prize the Yew-trees for their use in making sturdy and powerful longbows. To the south and west are oaks and ashes, which give way to willow and beech trees by the marshes. The Seeker’s Forest which marks the southern boundary of the Shrouded Lands is mostly oak and beech.

The Wetlands

Swamps and marshes are among the most hostile terrain in the Shrouded Lands.

The Mountains

Mostly glacial, though the mountains that form the eastern border are tectonic.

Useful, Rare, and Magical Plants

There are a number of plants which grow in the Shrouded Lands which are prized for their herbal or alchemical uses.

The Wild

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