The Staff of Defkon

This magical artifact is the major macguffin of the Shrouded Lands campaign.

In ages past, the Staff of Defkon was broken into six pieces, and each piece was given to one of the Knightly Orders to guard until it was needed again. Since then, the Knightly Orders have fallen into ruin, and the pieces of the Staff no longer have the protection they need. Some have become tools of the unscrupulous, some continue to gather dust in ancient vaults, and some (two, as of this writing) are now in the pocket of the party.

For game design purposes, each piece of the staff is associated with one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and its powers (and the powers of the villain you need to defeat to claim it) are appropriate.

First Piece of the Staff of Defkon: Sloth. Deals damage and slows target, 1/day (save ends). Anyone brought to 0 hit points by the rod is turned to stone. Second Piece of the Staff of Defkon: Gluttony. Deals damage and drains a target’s healing surge 1/day, healing the wielder. Third Piece of the Staff of Defkon: Envy. Fourth Piece of the Staff of Defkon: Avarice. Fifth Piece of the Staff of Defkon: Lust. Sixth Piece of the Staff of Defkon: Wrath

In addition to its granted powers, each piece of the staff possessed by a person gives them a +2 item bonus to Initiative rolls. Also, uses of the staff’s daily powers do not count against a character’s “one use of an item’s daily power per milestone.”

Once the party gathers the staff together, they will need to find the Ritual which will let them use the Staff to drive the Shroud out of the Shrouded Lands forever. The Ritual is written on Defkon’s Tomb, and that’s our final piece of the puzzle – Pride.

The Staff of Defkon

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