Tamlosian Knightly Orders

The Grand Duchy of Tamlost was home to six Knightly Orders, which formed the core of the Grand Duke’s military and attracted heroes and champions from the entire region. Loyal to the High King first and to Tamlost second, they were never fully accepted within the Duchy, but they proved their worth during the Cataclysm as they led the Duke’s armies against the savage gnolls, and were wiped out almost to a man.

In modern days, they live on only as legends, though some say that secretive gatherings of men still keep the traditions of the Orders alive in out-of-the-way places.

The Six Tamlosian Orders were:

The Order of the Roc

The Order of the White River

The Order of the Gauntlet

The Order of the Crimson Dawn

The Order of the Shield

The Order of the Spiral Tower

Tamlosian Knightly Orders

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