In the ancient tongue, the name of this town means “Bridge of Shields.” A massive stone bridge crosses the river that seperates Scathlynn from the north, a tantamount to the engineering skill of the dwarves of the Order of the Shield. Before the Shrouding, the fortress headquarters of the Order of the Shield was built across the river.

At the height of its power, the town was large enough to house several thousand souls, and was surrounded on three sides by high stone walls (with the fourth side being the river). Now, however, less than three hundred citizens remain, and all of them living along the river. The vast majority of the town has been abandoned to ruin, including the massive Temple of Bane that was once the center of the town.

The western banks are known for the quality of the wheat which grows there, and a great deal of grain is shipped between Scathlynn and Dun Baergul – a good deal of which is turned into high-quality Dwarven Beer and shipped right back!

The town has only started to recover from the Curse of Famine it was suffering under. With the sponsorship of the newly reformed Order of the Shield, it has established a military school and has begun to rebuild the haunted ruins into a new headquarters.


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