Roc's Head Manor


This large and sprawling manor was built on the island in the center of the Drogmere Lake. Since it was abandoned in the Cataclysm, it has fallen into extreme disrepair. There are two buildings on the island still more-or-less standing, the central wing of the manor proper and a crumbling lighthouse on the shore.

The manor was the home of Lord Silverwood, an elven nobleman and Chapter Master of the Order of the Roc. It was built as a retreat from the pressures of his political and military life, where the Silverwood family could live as elves in a predominantly human-centric political culture.

The citizens in Darynford Village do not come here, because it is plagued by weird and wild things. Magical energy is strong here, coming from a conflux of ley lines and the residual energy of the once-great power that resided here. The Red Caps, small, vile fey creatures, hungering for blood and armed with brutal, oversized knives, stalk the tall grass and the moss-covered ruins. Even more than that, it is whispered that the island itself does not welcome visitors.

In the Campaign

When the party made it to the island, they were constantly beset by Red Caps who stalked the party and made hit and run attacks, forcing the party to take cover within the Manor proper. While within the manor, they fought against red caps, huge animate plants, and the malevolent spirit of the manor itself. They discovered rooms filled with strange and true-to-life statues which seemed to move when not observed and bled when struck.

It turned out that there were two warring, powerful intelligences on the island – the Fey Darklord who had taken possessesion of the island, and the spirit of the last Lord Silverwood, who had become a Genius Loci for the island itself. Lord Silverwood has melded with the land in order to become an eternal guardian of the first piece of the Staff of Defkon.

With the help of the Genius Loci, the Fey Darklord was defeated (after a strange and unpleasant “friendly” dinner and chat), but not without cost. The Warden Grumbar was turned into a statue by the dark power of the Rod.

Roc's Head Manor

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