Order of the Spiral Tower

Of the Knightly Orders active at the time of the Cataclysm, The Order of the Spiral Tower is the only one that still clings to some semblance of order. Their fortress Headquarters still stands inhabited, and their Chapter Master still inducts new members into their ranks.

The days of their mastery, however, when Knight-Mages of the Order could rend the very skies with their sorcery and their Chapter Master held sway over vast territories in the High King’s name, are long gone. Now, the last shadow of the Order serves as little more than a town guard to the Mages who rule Maerkiness.

Still, they remain the last tradition which combines martial and arcane power within the Shrouded Lands.

The symbol of the Order is a white Tower on a blue background, circled by stars.

Order of the Spiral Tower

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