This fishing village, though seemingly very ordinary, actually holds a prime place in the Shrouded Lands by virtue of the lamp oil that it produces. Though it burns with a strong smell and some smoke, the lamps it keeps lit are sometimes bright enough to hold the Shroud at bay for a time – or so it’s said. Certainly, in a situation where wood is too dear to burn for light, lamp oil takes greater precedence.

Among Kingsmen, Dwinloch is also well known for having some rumored connection to the Order of the White River. A number of the older men of the village, when maundering in their cups, have been known to speak of the time when their fathers all went missing in the same night, or show the ambiguous engravings on some of their belongings that were left behind. Bandits have also claimed to have had run-ins with armored knights in the hills around Dwinloch, though such stories are commonly dismissed as tall tales.

On exceptionally clear days, an old fortress can be seen through the wisps of Shroud in the Wilds about Dwinloch, up on a craggy hill.


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