Dunnersee is home to a steadily growing religious sect – many say cult – that has come to reject the notion of an outside world. Rather than believing that the land of Tamlost is under a curse, the ‘truth’ is, according to them, that the rest of the world was in fact destroyed at the end of the Demon Wars, and only the Shrouded Lands were preserved by the grace of the gods. The Shroud is therefore created by the polluted hearts of humans wishing for that tainted world, a disease spread by the stories and tales of none other than the Kingsmen.

As one might expect, this is not the friendliest of places to stay. While not outright hostile to the point of forbidding caravans entry, performances of any sort are forbidden, and all visitors to the city are mandated to attend church ceremonies. Additionally, the use of arcane magics is strictly forbidden. The attitude of the populace is, by and large, harsher than the permissive and convert-oriented policies of the church leadership. A Kingsman that draws attention to themselves may find themselves pelted with rotted vegetables, offal, or even stones.

One would think that such an isolationist attitude would result in the slow dwindling of a town over time, but in fact the reverse has happened. The Church of the Chosen Lands has over the years demonstrated a remarkable affinity for divine magics and miracles, and Dunnersee is only rarely troubled by the Shroud. Whether this is a result of the policies of the Church or some other phenomenon cannot be proven.


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