Drogmere Lake


This large, mist-covered lake has a small island right in its center, which once held an elaborate manor house for an elven nobleman. The lake is the source of the wealth for Darynford Village, both from the fishing and from the trade which goes from the mining camps in the Drogsden Peaks, through the village, and into the rest of the Shrouded Lands.

The lake, however, is a dangerous place, and fishing boats do not travel too far from the shore. Mysterious, magical creatures live in the lake, called by the villagers the Fir Ghorm. Normally, they are strange and eerie, but harmless, popping out of the lake to sing at the fisherman in return for fish, but during the storms the Fir Ghorm are whipped into a frenzy and will attack and sink fishing boats

In the Campaign

In their first adventure, the Kingsmen needed to cross the Drogmere Lake to get to the manor. A storm broke out, and the party had to fend off a Fir Ghorm incursion. During the fighting, the fishing boat they borrowed crashed against the rocks of the island and sank.

Drogmere Lake

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