Dael Sorantir

This ancient forest is, according to legend, extraordinarily dangerous. Even the elves avoid the shelter of the trees. At one time, there was an eladrin settlement called Quel’Soran on the edge of the forest, built up around one of their legendary Ivory Towers, but legends disagree on exactly where the settlement is supposed to be.

They say that those who wander in the forest at night can find themselves hopelessly lost, roaming at random until they find themselves in the mysterious Elvenholme – though most tale-tellers agree that being eaten by one of the predatory monsters of Dael Sorantir is a better fate.

Recently, it has come to light that the elves who lived in the forest have descended into barbarism, and have split into warring gangs which fight each other and the monsters that live deeper in the woods. They are united only in their hatred for outsiders. Only the one outpost of Laithlinn is permitted to interact with non-elves.

The forest itself is dark, composed mostly of beeches and oaks. The underbrush is very thick, and the trees get older and more sinister the deeper into the forest you go. Many animals both benign and dangerous live there, as well as a great number of fey creatures.

Dael Sorantir

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