Shrouded Lands

Saga of the Kingsmen
A Shrouded Campaign

This campaign saga is a work in progress.

Chapter I: Darynford and the Rod of Defkon
  • Session 01: The Forest Trek
  • Session 02: Darkness in Darynford
  • Session 03: The Night Sea Journey/The Beach
  • Session 04: The Manor
  • Session 05: The Undertree and the Fae Lord
  • Session 06: Darynford Fallout
Chapter II: Scathlynn and the Knightly Orders
  • Session 07: The Trek, the Tomb, and the Town (of Scathlynn)
  • Session 08: Curse of Hunger
  • Session 09: The Halls Beneath the Hill
  • Session 10: The Pit and the Alchemist
  • Session 11: The Order of the Shield Reborn/Scathlynn Resurgent
  • Session 12: Scathlynn Shopping/A New Goal
Chapter IV: The Dark Forest of Dael Sorantir
  • Session 13: The Shroud and the Ruined Temple
  • Session 14: The Temple Unruined
  • Session 15: Escape to the Present
  • Session 16: Promises Kept
  • Session 17: Northward Ho
  • Session 18: The Bronzebeard Barrow
  • Session 19: The Survivor’s Tale
  • Session 20: The Witch of the Barrow
  • Session 21: Laithlinn/The Wild Elves of Dael Sorantir
  • Session 22: Kaliya in the Feywild
  • Session 23: The Courts of Autumn and Winter
  • Session 24: The Boon of the Winter Lady
  • Session 25: Nighttime Flight/The Walkers in the Shroud
Chapter Va: The Treasures of the North
  • Session 26a: Many Partings/Northward Ho(again)
Chapter Vb: The Lost City of Khaz Barduk
  • Session 26b: Many Partings/The Madness of Clan Goldblood

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