The Shrouded Lands are rugged and isolated. Great dark forests rise up from the slopes of steep mountains. Clear, cold rivers flow from the mountains to the north into the marshy wasteland of the southeast. To the west is the Sea of Storms.

At one time, most of the Shrouded Lands belonged to the Grand Duchy of Tamlost. It’s capitol city of Maranvir lay at the heart of the region, a beautiful city of canals and great towers. It was the pride of the north, and one of the mightiest cities in all the world, surpassed only by the Grand Capitol of the High Kingdom. The time of its glory is long past, however. Now, Maranvir is nothing but a haunted ruin, and the marshlands of the Deeping Mire have crept north to reclaim it. Other ruins, tall castles and towns with forgotten names, deep mines and rolling fields long fallow, dot the landscape and fill the dark forests.

And all around them, keeping the lands in isolation, is the Shroud. The Shroud is a pale, malignant fog that seems to come from the Deeping Mire to the south. Certainly, it is thicker there, winding through the tall pines and seeming to come from the wet earth itself, and it covers all the roads that lead south. Whatever dark force animates the Shroud seems focused on keeping the lands separated from the rest of the world, particularly the other fallen regions of the old High Kingdom. Anyone to braves the roads through the forest and marsh heading south vanishes into the Shroud. All disappear, silently, and are never seen again. As far back as anyone can remember, no one has come north through the Shroud on the old roads, and no one who has tried to break through the Shroud going south has ever come back.

Shrouded Lands